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“Our Local Union has used Watson Burns for our labour relations matters for over 10 years.  We have been consistently impressed with the passion they bring to the job.  The lawyers at Watson Burns always bring their game and fight for us and our members’ rights.  We wouldn’t use anyone else!”

- Local Union President, Brampton


"Do you use Cindy Watson? She's the best I've ever seen at the Board."

-Ex CIRB Vice Chair


"Ms. Watson, I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your exceptional performance on behalf of the members of my local union. I have become reliant upon your skills as our representative in the most trying times that our local has ever faced. I have grown to respect your judgment on matters that are critical to the well-being of our members and on your exceptional gifts and talents. Thank you for always being there for me and for making us look awfully good in the eyes of our most important asset – our members."

-Local Union President, Toronto


"You have made a difference in the lives of many people, making it easier for the faint of heart, those people without the fortitude to stand up to the bullies of the working world and for people who believe in something other than greed, to know they have a strong supporter and friend who they can rely on in tough times. The manner in which you conduct yourself and the fact that your performance raises people up to your level is especially admirable, but the area in which you excel the most is your uncompromising principles, both on and off the field of battle."

-Local Union President, Toronto


“You did a fantastic job on this case. It was a pleasure to watch you work. Thanks again for all you have done for us.”

- Acting Local Union President, Brampton






The lawyers at Watson Burns were extremely knowledgeable and helped me achieve a fast and substantial settlement. Working with Watson Burns made the whole process much easier and throughout the process I felt like I had someone on my side who was fighting for my rights. I would highly recommend Watson Burns.
- Diane G, Toronto


The lawyers at Watson Burns were highly effective, extremely knowledgeable, methodical, compassionate and very motivated to achieve a fast, fair and substantial settlement in an extremely timely manner.  Throughout a very trying process, I knew I had an advocate in Watson Burns, who understood my rights and my former employer’s responsibilities.  As a result, I felt less emotional trauma and far less emotional stress throughout the ordeal.


I am grateful for their understanding on both a personal and professional level, their tenacity and their no nonsense approach.

- Ms. T, Toronto